Jeff Anderson • April 2nd, 1995 • New York City, NY • FC: Riker Lynch

Throughout Highschool, Jeff had always somewhat struggled over his sexuality. Not because he was ashamed of being gay or anything like that, but because he just simply didn’t like labels. Why couldn’t people just love who they wanted without having a label shoved onto it? And why were people punished sometimes for who they loved? He didn’t understand, which is why he was always slightly hesitant about dating during his time at Dalton. He tried to date one or two girls from Crawford at the beginning just to see how things went, but it never really clicked for him, and the relationships he had with Dalton boys usually ended after a while. Eventually, Jeff decided to call it quits, deciding to give love a shot later on in his life.

But then the most unexpected thing happened when he found out Blaine was at the same college as him: he found himself growing closer to his old friend. Close enough to start a relationship with him, and ever since they haven’t let go. They’ve both finished their college education a while ago now, instead now focusing on their respective jobs, but Jeff finally understood what made love so fantastic. And then suddenly he had more love in his heart, as both himself and Blaine found themselves in Neverland and soon after looking after two children of their own. Jeff couldn’t help but feel grateful the opportunity that they had both been presented with and now, with his family, he wouldn’t change a single thing. He was happy, and he loved knowing for certain of the different kinds of love that a person could feel. Love for a family, love for a friend, and love for your own children.